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Ensuring a positive impact

Corporate Social Responsibility

Premium Support Services is successful because of our people. The Directors are committed to working in an open, ethical manner, to ensuring equality across all areas of the business and to rewarding all staff appropriately for the work they do.

Modern Slavery

We are not a relevant commercial organisation as defined by section 54 (“Transparency in supply chains etc.”) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“the Act”) however, we do have a Modern Slavery Policy and a related statement including processes that our Managers and Staff follow.

The issue of Modern Slavery is of increasing concern for service organisations such as cleaning contractors like ourselves.

The industry has high proportions of part time staff and the demographic is of significant non-UK passport holders, particularly in large cities such as London which is the heart of our operating base and we have recognised the importance of dealing with the potential for exploitation of vulnerable people within our organisation and that of our supply chain.

To do so we have taken the necessary steps to implement new policies, to test and risk- check our processes to ensure they are sufficiently robust for us now and in anticipation of the requirement threshold lowering.

We have a written policy statement and our code of conduct has been updated to more accurately reflect the current situation regarding migrant workers and the potential threat of modern slavery in the cleaning industry.

Gender Pay Gap Report

We are delighted to have had our commitment to equality in the workplace validated by our gender pay gap report which shows an extremely narrow, median difference in pay of just 2.14% between male and female staff.

Whilst there are differences in hourly pay of up to 2.14% in certain areas this is directly attributable to the contract spread and management positions included in the direct labour payroll.

Our approach will continue to ensure that the gender pay gap remains to improve from the current position.

Pay Gap Statistics

  • Mean Hourly Pay Differences:

    2.14% (in favour of male)

  • Median Hourly Pay Differences:

    0.59% (in favour of male)

  • Mean Bonus Differences:

    5.77% (in favour of male)

  • Median Bonus Differences:

    13.62% (in favour of male)

Carbon Reduction

Premium Support Services Ltd is committed to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by the year 2035. You can download and read our Carbon Reduction Plan in full by clicking the button below:
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