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Staff Training

At the beginning of the contract, we would carry out induction training to all members of staff, which not only deals with the legal requirements of Health & Safety etc, but also ensures we are able to quickly establish standards in your premises.
We do not assume that operatives know how to clean! The managers have comprehensive training programmes to ensure that each individual cleaner is aware of the standards and duties required of them and how to operate safely any equipment they may be required to use.
In addition, the Supervisor, who would be trained prior to commencement, will carry out development and remedial training to our quality inspection procedures. This means individual performance improves, which ultimately provides improvements in our standards of service to you.

Our Managers also attend training courses:

  • Courses for Senior Management to advise them of the legislation management techniques.
  • Regular courses for all Area/Site Management on equipment and materials uses.
  • On-site training of operatives by our fully trained management and supervisors, supported by the Training Manager.

Training Induction – New Employees

One of the most important tasks that a supervisor comes across is that of training new employees to clean professionally.


As in all aspects of training there is a logical sequence that should be followed. This is:
  • Put the person at ease.
  • Tell the person what the job is.
  • Check for existing experience.
  • Create an interest in learning.
  • E.g. the job will be easier if done this way.
  • Tell, show or demonstrate as appropriate, one stage of the job at a time.
  • Stress key points (Safety is always a key point).
  • Instruct clearly and completely.
  • Give essential information at a suitable place.
Try it out
  • Have the job done or explained.
  • Correct errors as they occur.
  • Be patient.
  • Check understanding of key points.
  • Continue until satisfied.
Put to work
  • Indicate areas of responsibility.
  • Name the person who will help.
  • Encourage questions.
  • Check up on as necessary.
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